Myke Predko-Programming and customizing PIC microcontroller

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It is not very efficient in terms of silicon space, the six transistors required for each memory cell actually fill quite a bit of silicon surface area ("real estate"). Bits might not seem that useful if you are used to writing PC applications, but in a microcontroller, they can really help make the application much more efficient by allowing fast manipulation of pin states, flags, or state variables. In PCs and workstations, these functions can be carried out in byte-level logical statements. Working with bits will probably not be something that comes easily to you.

For this reason, I prefer this type of bit banging to the inline application code. As I discuss PICmicro8 MCU peripheral functions later in the book, I will also present methods for implementing them as bit-banging functions using timer interrupts. PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURES Here's a hint when you are inviting computer scientists to dinner; be sure that they all agree on what is the best type of computer architecture. There are a lot of strong points for supporting the different options that are available in computer architectures.

This code is not interruptible because of its priority or that it is executing code that must execute in a crucially timed application. In these cases, the application can ignore the interrupt altogether or postpone it until the crucial code has completed instead of executing as soon as it receives an interrupt request. As I was writing this, I looked over the first edition of this book, as well as the other books I have written and saw that I have shown how computer interrupts are analogous to the following every-day activities: I Watching The X-Files.

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