MYSTERY OF THE INVISIBLE DOG (The Three Investigators by Robert Arthur

By Robert Arthur

The 3 investigators are hounded via supernatural forces as they try and get well a stolen sculpture of a mythical wolf-dog.

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He does. He even knows that it's a Tibetan mandala. " Prentice shrugged. "I can only guess that those tiresome newspapers mentioned I have a mandala in my collection. " Jupe nodded and headed for the door. "Now, Jupiter," said Mr Prentice jovially. "Don't you go looking around here for another mystery! " "You're right, Mr Prentice," agreed Jupe. "And I'm glad we could solve it for you. " Mr Prentice shook hands all around and ushered the Investigators out. The boys trooped downstairs and out to the street.

Pete got into his ski jacket. For a moment the lights in the Prentice apartment were extinguished, and Pete opened the door and stepped out on to the balcony. The door closed behind him, but this time it was not locked. Pete knew that Jupe and Bob were waiting on the other side of the door and would be there, ready, if he needed them. The lights in Elmquist's apartment glowed for a short time, then went out. Pete waited for Elmquist to come out of the apartment and set off for work. Nothing happened.

The pastor nodded glumly. "We'd better call the lieutenant," said the older policeman. " "That's not what happened," said Jupiter. "You said you saw a guy in black clothes and a clerical collar," the policeman reminded him. "I did. But he wasn't the one who pushed me down and locked the door on me. The person in black was down there, towards the front of the church. Whoever pushed me was here in the back. The 'phantom' wouldn't have had time after he put out his candle to get back here and out the door.

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