Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns 1798-1801 (Men-at-Arms, Volume by Michael Barthorp

By Michael Barthorp

The innovative strategic plan of innovative France to chop Britain's lifeline to India by means of seizing Egypt and the Levant used to be an epic event, set among probably the most historical locations of heritage, then nearly unknown to Europeans. The conflicts proved once more the supremacy of the British fleet and in addition reformed British military used to be a strength to be reckoned with. This interesting e-book by means of Michael Barthorp presents an overview of the campaigns and examines in larger aspect the armies which marched and fought amid the barren region sands and relics of prior civilisations.

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4, L o n d o n , 1966 Martin, Jean-Clement, Blancs el Bleus dans la Vendée déchirée, Paris, 1986 Meuron's Swiss Regiment's grenadiers and light companies were in the 'forlorn hope' at the assault and capture of Seringapatam, India, on 4 May 1799. In this print after H. Singleton, the men, led by Captain Lardy with upraised sword, are shown at left. They wear the British service's red coatees with sky blue collar, cuffs and lapels, white turnbacks, pewter buttons, black round hat with bearskin crest and black plume tipped with red.

To England, January 1796, and thence to West Indies in February. Vincent. Yellow fever reduced the regiment from 1,035 men in June 1796 to 707 in January 1797. 1798. Lucia, but his superior Sir Ralph Abercromby, Commanderin-Chief West Indies, felt it lacked discipline. Uniform: See illustration of buttons, and Plate F. Royal Foreign Artillery See MAA 294 British Forces in the West Indies 1793-1815. Royal French Marine Artillery Independent Company During occupation of Toulon by an Anglo-Spanish force, Royalist gunners of French naval and army artillery helped them defend the city.

The first uniform was a green coatee with black collar and cuffs, green turnbacks edged with wide black lace, and brass buttons; green waistcoat, sky blue Hungarian-style long breeches, black half-gaiters; and a black shako with black turban edged yellow, black cockade with yellow loop, black plume for fusiliers, white for grenadiers and green for chasseurs; white accoutrements were issued. 1800 the uniform was much the same but the turnbacks were black, the waistcoat had two rows of brass buttons, the shako had no cockade but a yellow-tipped black plume for fusiliers.

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