Nhanda: An Aboriginal Language of Western Australia (Oceanic by Juliette Blevins

By Juliette Blevins

This booklet provides the 1st distinct comic strip grammar of Nhanda, a Pama-Nyungan language of the imperative coast of Western Australia shortly at the verge of extinction. This language was spoken alongside the decrease Murchison River, from Kalbarri inland, and south to present-day Northampton and Geraldton, yet has remained mostly unknown until eventually fresh years. Nhanda is predicated at the author's fieldwork in Western Australia from 1993 to 1998 with one of many final audio system of the language, and likewise accommodates notes of early explorers and linguists who gone through the world.

The grammar offers the overall positive aspects of the language in the Australian context, via a entire examine of Nhanda sound styles, significant sections on nominal and verbal morphology, and outlines of straightforward sentences and constituent order. each one bankruptcy is wealthy in facts and gives comparative facts with vital implications for old relationships among the languages of Australia. the quantity additionally contains Nhanda-English and English-Nhanda alphabetical vocabularies and an alphabetical record of Nhanda affixes.

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Of On plurality suffixation on common of -nu, the nouns imme? diately preceding vowel surfaces as [i], independent of its underlying form. Exam? ples are given in (20). (20a) shows umlaut of stem-final vowels for nouns and pronouns, while examples of umlaut of inflectional suffixes preceding the plural are shown in (20b). The alternations in (20) must be specific to the plural mor? forms with the past imperfective suffix pheme /-nu/, since parallel phonological /-nu/ show artpanu fire)'; no 'was of base-final umlauting burning' from artpa- vowels: 'burn'; a'unu ajanu 'was 'was biting' lighting' from from 'bite'; ajaa'u(a 'light etc.

Wuna 'sea', yani 'stump'. wana 'faeces', As in many the three vowels forms include /w,y/ before glide-initial Underlying wilu other 'digging stick', Australian yina languages, 'foot', yurnda word-initial 'thigh, /i,u,a/: hips', homorganic sequences /wu/ and /yi/ vary freely between [wu], [u] and [ji], [i] respectively. This appears to be due to the perceptual similarity of the homorganic segments in languages where the initial glides have very little in the way of artic Indeed, in Nhanda, I often heard /wu/-initial words as ulatory approximation.

As mentioned in is aberrant /'e'e/ also above, being pronounced with significant phonetically vowel laryngealization. 3 Syllable Structure and Phonotactics Nhanda syllable types are shown in Table 2-3. Syllables may be open or closed, and vowel or consonant initial. Vowel-initial syllables are limited to word-initial closed those by nasals and obstruents. position. Closed syllables include 2-3. rlu mi. thu 'dog' pun. 8. Examples in (10) show vowel-initial words in Nhanda which correspond with consonant-initial words in neighboring Wajarri and Malgana.

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