Not of This World: A Treasury of Christian Mysticism by James Cutsinger

By James Cutsinger

Anthology of approximately thousand years of Christian mystical writings from Catholic, japanese Orthodox, and Protestant views.

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Some titles are devoted to a single spiritual tradition, while others have a unifying topic that touches upon traditions from both the East and West, such as prayer and virtue. Some titles have a companion volume within The Perennial Philosophy series. Cover Photograph: Courtyard of the Chapel of the Burning Bush, St Catherine’s Monastery, Mt Sinai Not of This World A Treasury of Christian Mysticism Compiled and edited by James S. Cutsinger Not of This World A Treasury of Christian Mysticism � 2003 World Wisdom, Inc.

But included as well are selections by authors who are not usually considered mystics as such, but whose writings contain nonetheless some remarkably perspicacious and moving passages concerning our path back to God, among them Ignatios of Antioch, Boethius, Thomas Aquinas, Pico della Mirandola, Thomas Browne, Louis Marie de Montfort, Jonathan Edwards, Thérèse of Lisieux, and C. S. Lewis. As the reader will discover, variety is a keynote of this collection. Some of the selections are didactic and others anecdotal; some are complex and demanding, others simple and childlike; some come from the writings of canonized saints, others from authors who were suspected, if not actually accused and condemned, of heresy; some are concerned with describing the fruits of realization or transfiguration in God, others are more focused on the necessary means to this end.

The Desert Fathers T he abbot Sisois, sitting in his cell, always had his door closed. ” And his face shone with a double glory, and he seemed as though he spoke with others. ” And they all knew that he was made perfect. And again of a sudden his face was as the sun, and they all were in dread. ’” And straightway he gave up the ghost. And there came as it might be lightning, and all the place was filled with sweetness. ” They told of the abbot Arsenios that on Saturday evening with the Sabbath drawing on, he would leave the sun behind him and stretching out his hands towards heaven, would pray until with the morning of the Sabbath the rising sun shone upon his face: and so he would abide.

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