Notes From the Autopsy of God by Bo Fowler

By Bo Fowler

"A compact choice of greater than 1,500 of Fowler's fulsome and humorous fulminations opposed to religion. Fowler follows within the foot steps of anti-theological philosophers like Nietzsche ... definite existence can look particularly meaningless, and there is nowhere we move once we die, yet listed below are a few attention-grabbing issues to consider within the meantime."
- James Geary writer of Geary's advisor to the World's nice Aphorists

"The maximum Who-Didn't-Do-It of all time!"

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270 God is dead. ) 271 The Holy Ghost: the Bermuda triangle of faith. 272 An alien visits the Earth and thinks chimney pots are sculptures of the great unknown. 273 Truth is a musical instrument - play it too loudly and your neighbours will complain. 274 Love is blind. ) 275 What is needed: tiny cathedrals too small for people to get into, made of the filmiest translucent paper so that they are hardly there at all. 276 No one knows God’s hairstyle. ). 277 What is needed: For Sale signs on the front lawn of every prejudice.

308 To be an adult one must be isolated. It follows therefore that God is a child. 309 The burning bush: thrush. 310 Darkness is the absence of light. It is not the other way around. 311 God: the great atheist not in the sky. 312 One insane person: a nut. Ten million: a world religion. 313 If invention hadn’t been invented no doubt we would have come up with something even better by now. 314 It is just not true that there is a time and place for everything. 315 ‘Let’s just put it in front of us and move on’ she said.

20 That the whole of existence rests inside a single precarious rain drop of probability, means nothing. 21 All arguments about the existence of things are petty. 22 How many distant fond embraces are, really life and death struggles? 23 The flock of birds looked like a flock of birds. 24 And what if the sky reflected like the ocean? 25 Our lives: written with the pen nibs of our wills upon the surface of the real. 26 The inner most chamber of the temple was no bigger than the size of a match box.

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