Nucleating Agents by Fairgrieve, Stuart

By Fairgrieve, Stuart

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Nucleating agents employed included 1,3:2,4-dibenzylidene sorbitol, kaolin, talc, titanium dioxide and silica. The influence of natural weathering on the tensile and impact properties of the PP with and without talc, marl and titanium dioxide was also investigated. The microstructure of fracture surfaces of specimens after impact testing were analysed by scanning electron microscopy. 31 refs. 491-504 THE EFFECT OF AGING ON THE IMPACT STRENGTH OF BETA-POLYPROPYLENES Obadal M; Cermak R; Stoklasa K; Simonik J Zlin,Tomas Bata University The effects of ageing on the impact strength of isotactic polypropylene blended with varying proportions of a beta-nucleating agent, N,N’-dicyclohexyl-2,6naphthalenedicarboxamide prepared by extrusion mixing and characterised by WAXD (phase composition), DSC (melting behaviour) and polarised optical microscopy (morphology), were investigated by Charpy impact testing of injection moulded samples over a period of time.

368-374 STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF BLOWN MOULDING LLDPE FILMS Yang W; Shan G-F; Tang X-G; Xie B-H; Li Z-M; Zhou Q-C; Yang M-B Sichuan,University Linear low density PE containing nucleating agents (sorbitol compounds) were blow moulded into films and the melting behaviour, crystal structure, tensile properties, haze and fracture behaviour of the films investigated as a function of the type of nucleating agent and nucleating content. 38 refs. 983111 Item 8 ANTEC 2006. , 7th-11th May 2006. 782-6, PDF 103983, CDROM, 012 STRUCTURE EVOLUTION IN ALPHA- AND BETA-POLYPROPYLENES UNDER UV IRRADIATION Obadal M; Cermak R; Vychopnova J; Raab M; Verney V; Commereuc S; Fraisse F Zlin,Tomas Bata University; Czech Republic,Academy of Sciences; Blaise Pascal,Universite; CNRS (SPE) Commercially available isotactic polypropylene (PP) was modified by a specific beta-nucleating agent based on N,Nʹ-dicyclohexylnaphthalene-2,6-dicarboxamide.

In NJ Star NU-100, the crystalline type and content can be controlled by processing conditions which can lead to excellent impact strength or stiffness, with superior impact-stiffness balance. Haze, flexural modulus, heat distortion temperature, impact strength and crystallisation temperatures are detailed for each of the three products. 4 refs. 198-203 NUCLEATING AGENT FOR POLY(L-LACTIC ACID) – AN OPTIMIZATION OF CHEMICAL STRUCTURE OF HYDRAZIDE COMPOUND FOR ADVANCED NUCLEATION ABILITY Kawamoto N; Sakai A; Horikoshi T; Urushihara T; Tobita E ADEKA Corp.

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