Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review, Volume 48 by R. N. Gibson, R. J. A. Atkinson, J. D. M. Gordon

By R. N. Gibson, R. J. A. Atkinson, J. D. M. Gordon

The ever-increasing curiosity in oceanography and marine biology and its relevance to international environmental concerns creates a requirement for authoritative reports summarizing the result of fresh learn. This annual reference has catered to this call for for greater than forty years. It considers simple parts of marine study, covers matters of distinct and topical significance, and addresses new components as they come up. This quantity good points papers on ecosystem-based administration of marine macroalgae; the ecology and administration of temperate mangroves; the biology of vestimentiferan tubeworms; worthy coral exploitation; and the historic reconstruction of human-induced alterations in U.S. estuaries.

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All commercial harvesters are required to keep records of the weight, species, collector, and location of harvest and report these figures to CDFG on a monthly basis (Kalvass et al. 2001, Mackey 2006). Although these harvest summary data have been collected regularly since 1915, routine and formal stock assessments of the state’s kelp resources have never been performed. , ISP Alginates) conduct additional aerial surveys of their own (probably with greater frequency and precision), the resulting data are often proprietary and not available to the public or management agencies (Little 2002).

Predominant or only surface canopyforming algae throughout much of its geographic range. If removal of bull kelp enhances development of understory algae, can reduce regeneration rate. Single stipe that cannot regenerate lends entire alga vulnerable to damage by grazers; grazers can cause both direct damage and indirectly influence growth of gametophytes and young sporophytes by grazing on benthic algae, which compete for light and space. Association with sites of high wave exposure may limit accessibility for harvest.

Of Point Baker, Alaska, was issued a Nereocystis harvest permit from the Petersburg ADFG office for 200,000 pounds yr−1. This amount was reduced to 51,000 pounds a few years ago. The Alaska Kelp Company has made a plant fertilizer enhancer from the Nereocystis, and it is sold under the names Opticrop, Garden Grog, and Alaska Kelp. One year, they sold about 10,000 t to a company trying to make potting soil from sawdust, fish wastes, and kelp, but it is unclear whether commercial production of the agricultural product was ever initiated (M.

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