Oceanspace by Allen Steele

By Allen Steele

Tethys-the world's first thoroughly self-sufficient undersea examine station. inside of this oasis of know-how are those that search to free up the mysteries of the unknown deep. outdoors of the station is a presence that could be the best discovery of all.First-Rate. (Denver Post)highly atmospheric...Steele successfully and successfully inspires the chilly, darkish and unrelenting alienness of the realm deep underneath the ocean. (Publishers Weekly)Taut, suspenseful SF event. (Library Journal)There are usually not many of us writing fiction grounded in real looking clinical explanation...Allen Steele is likely one of the top. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)Steele is a journalist of the SF imagination...His reporting at the nuts and bolts of this almost-here will stick within the brain. (Locus)

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I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut this short. But I’ve asked Rachel Lewis, the woman who—” “Met me when I came in. ” “Right. ” He smiled politely and stood up. ” Leslie reached over to pick up her recorder. ” He was already around his desk and halfway to the door. ” She paused. ” That stopped him. ” “That’s the arrangement. ” Bartlett gave her a polite, icy smile. “Well, I’m sure that’s true, Ms. ” “I’m afraid I have to check with the bottomside operations manager to see if there’s a berth available.

No sense in building an undersea base if you can’t go outside in scuba gear, right? ” He pointed to the topside half of the base again. “We launch most of the subs from up here, where the drivers can get in and out quickly, but all the major work goes on down—” “Yeah, okay, sure. ” he asked, and she glanced down at the floor. “Okay, here it is. Going down is easy enough. ” He pointed to the diving bells. “But coming back up isn’t so simple. Once you get topside again, you have to decompress for nearly sixty hours, which means that you have to spend two and half days in another hyperbaric chamber.

Although its main job is to serve as an offshore mining facility, it’s also the largest undersea habitat yet built, able to accommodate up to forty people below, about a quarter of whom are involved in basic scientific research. Its electrical supply is derived from the world’s first fully functional OTEC plant, which also doubles as a pilot desalination facility. We’re actively testing new technologies which were only on the drawing board a decade ago, everything from teleoperated robots to advanced rebreathing systems to experimental submersibles…” Leslie felt her eyes beginning to glaze over.

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