Octopus!: The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea by Katherine Harmon Courage

By Katherine Harmon Courage

Nobody knows the octopus. With 8 fingers, 3 hearts, camouflaging dermis, and a disarmingly sentient glance in the back of its hugely advanced eyes, how may it look something yet completely alien?
Octopuses were fascinating people for so long as we've got been catching them. Many cultures have octopus-centric production myths, paintings, and, after all, delicacies. For all of our old fascination and hundreds of thousands of bucks’ worthy of contemporary examine, although, we nonetheless haven't been in a position to get an organization grab on those enigmatic creatures.
Now, Katherine Harmon braveness, a veteran journalist and contributing editor for clinical American, dives into the mystifying underwater international of the octopus. She experiences from worldwide of her adventures in Spain, Greece, or even Brooklyn, inviting us to adventure the clinical discoveries and deep cultural ties that attach us to the octopus.

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Each is connected along a long line, which is unfurled, creel by creel, to rest on the bottom. There they sit, waiting for an octopus or two to crawl in—lured by a pouch of stinky seafood bait. The beauty of the design is that the octopus could find its way out if it wanted. “But inside they have food,” Guerra had explained that morning. From the octopus’s perspective, he concludes: “So why would I want to go out? ” The sea’s harvests are brought ashore and sold right away at tiny dedicated buildings called lonxa, which means auction in the local Galician dialect.

We can relate to the maternal protectiveness of a deep-sea dwelling whale. ” But the octopus is much harder to pin down. One thing that makes the octopus so very odd to us is its essential indifference to other octopuses. After an octopus hatches from its tiny egg and dissipates from its siblings in the ocean currents, it will live most of the rest of its life alone. Unlike squid, which often travel and feed in groups, the octopus crawls along seeking the company of its own kind only to reproduce.

The stories of monstrous, multiarmed mythical krakens surface periodically throughout literature, legend, art, and film. According to Hawaiian mythology, the octopus is the only living holdover from the world’s previous incarnations. Per local Gilbert Islands legend, the octopus god Na Kika is responsible for having pushed the islands up from the bottom of the sea. The strange octopus-dragon-human beast Cthulhu, created by writer H. P. Lovecraft, has appeared in popular culture for nearly a century and was even featured on a few episodes of the television show South Park.

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