On Nature Itself by Leibniz Gottfried Wilhelm

By Leibniz Gottfried Wilhelm

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From that day for- they were happier as slaves. FitzRoy felt he had ward, he would live for science. proven his point, but Darwin replied, What would When they arrived in Rio, Darwin was invited you expect slaves to say in front of their master? If by a local landowner to visit his ranch deep in the a 40 The jungles of Brazil, as Darwin saw them. Darwin visited a Brazilian plantation like this one. interior of Brazil. Darwin agreed, but sorely regret- ence to FitzRoy. More than ever, he realized how ted it after seven days of riding nonstop through right his grandfathers and father had been in op- the wilderness.

Active imagination underneath his grumpy person- Charles would listen for hours as Edmonstone de- ality. Together they took many walks along the sea- scribed his experiences traveling through the jun- shore, searching for interesting animal specimens. gles of South America with a famous explorer. The Darwin would try to cut open these specimens and two became very close. What makes this remark- see what was inside, but because he had skipped able is that John Edmonstone was a former slave all his anatomy classes, he wasn’t very good at dis- and was practically the only black man in all of secting things.

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