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The socialization of young Pacific island girls, through which they are encouraged to accept and adhere to an inferior position in society, seriously affects their ability to negotiate their lives on an equal standing with Pacific island males; this leaves them vulnerable to situations of abuse, violence and exploitation. The studies outline numerous incidents of young girls and children being sexually defiled, forced into prostitution and traded and abused, which stems from the power imbalance in gender relations which is deeply entrenched in all countries.

Chapter II: Background to CSEC and CSA in the Pacific 17 18 Pacific Perspectives on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of Children and Youth CHAPTER III: GENDER RELATIONS IN THE PACIFIC Gender relations in the Pacific are inextricably linked to what is identified as “cultural”, “traditional” or “kastom” practice. While all of the countries in the region reflect a complex variation of gender relations, which can be clearly identified in the ways in which men and women and boys and girls relate to each other at different levels.

They should not mix with boys or go to dances, functions or social clubs and try and do cultural work until she reaches the age of 17 or 18 or after finishing fifth or seventh form – she may then be ready to marry. Girls who are sexually abused are viewed as “spoiled” and “freely available” for sex. Virgins are often referred to as “5 cents”, while the terms “20 or 50 cents” are used for “girls who are available”. These terms are known to be used as sexual harassment and risk shaming a girl. Men and boys can roam more freely and those who do are locally referred to as tenaan kamea (those dogs).

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