Passage meditation : bringing the deep wisdom of the heart by Eknath Easwaran

By Eknath Easwaran

Written through a hugely revered instructor who taught meditation for over 40 years, this ebook delivers all you want to begin meditating. With quiet humor, realism, and heat, Easwaran supplies transparent directions and issues out the pitfalls. He explains the speculation underlying meditation, and conveys the deep pleasure, safety, and selfless strength that typical perform can bring.

In Easwaran’s common approach to passage meditation, you opt a non secular textual content, or passage, from the world’s nice traditions that embodies your optimum beliefs. You memorize it, after which ship it deep into attention via gradual, sustained awareness. this system of meditation remains clean since you can differ the passages in keeping with your individual wishes. With usual perform, the passages develop into lifelines, taking you to the resource of knowledge deep inside after which guiding you thru the demanding situations of day-by-day life.

Meditation is supported via seven different issues in Easwaran’s religious application, supporting you to stick calm, style, and centred through the day.

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It may stand up, look around, glance at you, perhaps meander over near the door. But you should not apply the penalty yet – the door is still closed; the mind has not gone out. As long as you are on the passage and have not forgotten about it completely, even if there is some division of attention, don’t apply the penalty; just concentrate harder. But when the door has opened, when the mind has jumped in its sports car and sped away, when you find yourself in a dress shop or a bookstore or at the beach, act promptly.

Similarly, even if they don’t live in the same 54 chapter one house, two or three friends can gather together in one home for morning and evening meditation. ” Posture The correct posture for meditation is to sit erect with the spinal column, the nape of the neck, and the head in a straight line: not like a ramrod, rigid and tense, but easily upright. Your hands may be placed any way they feel comfortable. You will find it a very natural position. If you want to sit in a straight-back chair, use one with arms.

The problem of sleep can be distressing, but it is also reassuring. It means that your nervous system has begun to relax, that the feverish pace of the mind has begun to slow down and that new challenges are presenting themselves to you. P h y s i c a l S e n s at i o n s Deepening meditation and the physiological changes that accompany it require a body that works beautifully at all times. We must do what we can to make the body a good ally. We must give it what it needs: adequate sleep every night, wholesome, nourishing food in reasonable quantities, and lots of vigorous movement.

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