Perlas sufíes: Saber y sabor de Mevlânâ Rûmî by Halil Bárcena

By Halil Bárcena

Mevlânâ Rûmî (1207, Balj, Afganistán -1273, Konya, Turquía) constituye una de las cimas de los angeles espiritualidad common. Inspirador de los angeles escuela sufí de los derviches giróvagos, conocidos por su danza round, Rûmî es autor de una vasta obra poética en lengua persa que deriva del gozo de los angeles experiencia unitiva con Dios.

Las perlas sufíes que Halil Bárcena recoge en el presente volumen, en traducción directa del persa, constituyen una especie de antología del saber y el sabor del maestro sufí. Reflejan los aspectos cardinales de su filosofía espiritual, cuyo empeño es mostrar al ser humano el camino de retorno a su identidad perdida y olvidada: el Centro del cual todo emana y nada se aparta. Cada una de estas perlas se presenta acompañada de un comentario que solo pretende acercarnos al pensamiento de Rûmî e invitarnos a realizar nuestra propia lectura meditativa.

Esta edición incluye veinte caligrafías que recrean, con un estilo inspirado en los angeles tradición caligráfica otomana, palabras clave y fórmulas iniciáticas, tanto en árabe como en turco y persa, que nos introducen sutilmente el universo espiritual de Rûmî.

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James concludes his discussion of spontaneous religious mystical experiences and, perhaps, the ladder of mysticism as well with the mystical experience of Dr. R. M. 68 This experience of what Bucke terms "cosmic consciousness" occurred while Bucke was riding home in a hansom after an evening of philosophical discussion with friends. "69 At first, Bucke thought that the world around him was on fire, but he then realized that the fire was actually burning inside of himself. "70 As part of his illumination, Buckle also because assured that he had "eternal life"then and always, and "that the cosmic order is such that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all; that the foundation principle of the world, of all the worlds, is what we call love, and that the happiness of each and all < previous page page_36 If you like this book, buy it!

It creates the rank and file of believers. 13 James's "mystical germ" appears to have been nurtured by a few personal experiences that could certainly, in James's sense of the word, be called mystical. One of these experiences occurred in 1898. James was in the Adirondack Mountains, one of his favorite spots in which to escape from the pressures and demands of both domestic and academic life. He had climbed for five hours up New York's highest peak, the 5,344 foot Mt. Marcy; after hearing the sounds of axes in the valley below, he hiked for another hour to Panther Lodge Camp, where he met a group of young female college students.

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