Perovskites: Structure, Properties and Uses by Maxim Borowski

By Maxim Borowski

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Although a number of perovskite nanowires and nanorods can be generated via the hydrothermal route, there are still no reports on the fabrication of micro/nanotubular perovskites (except for titanites) by means of this method. , can influence the physicochemical properties (including the morphology) of the final product, further work on optimizing this preparation strategy is highly needed to achieve controlled fabrication of 1D perovskites in the future. 4. Novel Solid-State Method In recent years, a great progress in solution synthesis of 1D perovskites has been achieved.

At first, the reaction taking place between the mixed metal nitrates and EG gives birth to the mixed metal glyoxylate or oxalate salts in the voids of the template microspheres at a low temperature. Then during the thermal treatment process, the pore size is reduced due to the melting of the template and the air space in void (shell structure) is generated after evaporation of methanol and remaining EG. Further calcination results in a total removal of the template and formation of the desired crystal phase.

22 Jiguang Deng, Lei Zhang, Yuxi Liu et al. Figure 20. SEM images of (a) CaTiO3 microcubes prepared at 180 oC for 15 h, (b) two individual CaTiO3 cubes, (c) a broken cube showing hollowed interior, (d) powder XRD patter of the product compared with reference to CaTiO3 JCPDS card no. 82-0229[182]. In addition to A1−xA'xMnO3, LaFeO3 [177] and K1−xNaxNbO3 (x = 0−1) [114,178] micro/nanocubes can also be fabricated hydrothermally in the absence of a surfactant. Although many single metal and metal oxide nanoparticles with a cube-like morphology have been prepared with the adding of a surfactant to control the growth process [167,179], only a few cube-like perovskites were generated with the aid of a surfactant [180,181].

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