Photochemistry of Environmental Aquatic Systems by William J. Cooper, Rod G. Zika

By William J. Cooper, Rod G. Zika

content material: particular phototransformation of xenobiotic compounds: chlorobenzenes and halophenols / Pierre Boule, Claude Guyon, Annie Tissot, and Jacques Lemaire --
Photolysis of phenol and chlorophenols in estuarine water / Huey-Min Hwang, R.E. Hodson, and R.F. Lee --
sun photolysis of chosen indoles and carbazole in aqueous coal-oil platforms / Kurt C. Picel, Milagros S. Simmons, and Vassilis C. Stamoudis --
Quantum yields of polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins in water-acetonitrile combinations and their environmental phototransformation premiums / Ghulam Ghaus Choudhry and G.R. Rarrie Webster --
Mechanism of photolytic ozonation / Gary R. Peyton and William H. Glaze --
results of OH radical response in sea water : formation and rot of Br₂⁻ ion radical / Oliver C. Zafiriou, Mary B. real, and E. Hayon --
response of Br₂⁻ produced by way of flash photolysis of sea water with parts of the dissolved carbonate process / Mary B. actual and Oliver C. Zafiriou --
Photochemistry of copper complexes in sea water / James W. Moffett and Rod G. Zika --
Time-resolved fluorescence measurements on dissolved marine natural topic / P.J. Milne, D.S. Odum, and Rod G. Zika --
fundamental photochemical methods in photolysis mediated by way of humic components / Anne M. Fischer, John S. Winterle, and Theodore Mill --
Laser flash photolytic reports of a well-characterized soil humic substance / Joan F. strength, Devendra ok. Sharma, Cooper H. Langford, Roland Bonneau, and Jacques Joussot-Dubien --
average photosensitizers in sea water : riboflavin and its breakdown items / Kenneth Mopper and Rod G. Zika --
Do polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons, performing as photosensitizers, perform the poisonous results of acid rain? / Jacques Kagan, Edgard D. Kagan, Isabelle A. Kagan, and Peggy A. Kagan --
Photochemistry in aqueous floor layers : 1-naphthol / Richard A. Larson and Stewart A. Rounds --
Algal-induced decay and formation of hydrogen peroxide in water : its attainable position in oxidation of anilines through algae / Richard G. Zepp, Y.I. Skurlatov, and J.T. Pierce --
Photocatalysis through inorganic parts of average water platforms / Cooper H. Langford and John H. Carey --
Catalyzed photodegradation of the herbicides molinate and thiobencarb / R. Barton Draper and Donald G. Crosby --
Photochemical modeling utilized to typical waters / John M.C. aircraft, Rod G. Zika, Richard G. Zepp, and Lawrence A. Burns --
size of quantum yields in polychromatic mild : dinitroaniline herbicides / William M. Draper.

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The t h r e e a c t i n o m e t e r f l a s k s were exposed f o r t h e f u l l 180 m i n . A f t e r exposure the samples and c o n t r o l s were e x t r a c t e d w i t h i n 48 h r w i t h methylene c h l o r i d e ( C H C 1 ) and f r a c t i o n a t e d into a c i d i c , b a s i c , and n e u t r a l components Dy l i q u i d / l i q u i d p a r t i t i o n i n g w i t h aqueous NaOH o r HC1 ( 8 ) . The n e u t r a l components from t h i s s t e p were f u r t h e r f r a c t i o n a t e d i n t o major c h e m i c a l c l a s s e s on s i l i c a g e l .

4. PICEL ET AL. 47 Photolysis of Indoles and Carbazole Table I . 990 exposure - l i v e s were p r o j e c t e d from the kp v a l u e s . C o r r e l a t i o n c o e f f i c i e n t s were c a l c u l a t e d from p h o t o l y s i s d a t a a t times ÎQ, £30» and t ^ Q m i n . p e r i o d were e x c l u d e d because of markedly reduced p h o t o l y s i s r a t e s ( F i g u r e 1 ) . Reduced r a t e s were p r o b a b l y caused by c h e m i c a l and s p e c t r a l changes i n the s o l u t i o n s , as i n d i c a t e d by the development of c o l o r d u r i n g p h o t o l y s i s and by d e c r e a s e d s u n l i g h t i n t e n s i t y l a t e i n t h e exposure p e r i o d .

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