Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference: Proceedings of the by W. Palz (auth.), W. Palz (eds.)

By W. Palz (auth.), W. Palz (eds.)

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Other failures experienced during the tests were cracked cover glasses and overheated diodes. Accelerated and real-time aging tests projected a 5-year life for aluminised polymer films and 10 years for silvered glass. The transmission of acrylic samples had degraded less than 10% in 22 years' real-time exposure. To date, there had been little experience of the cleaning requirements of concentrators but the indications were that, in most cases, an annual wash with detergent or a high-pressure spray would be adequate.

The utility must also provide back-up power at its prevailing rates. The utilities have until next June, 1981, to file these rates. This law provides a large incentive for persons to own PV systmes, to use as little power as possible themselves, and to be net sellers of electricity. DOE ACTIONS The DOE re-organized its solar energy effort and elevated the Photovoltaics Program to division status. With this change, the Division Director is responsible for all Federal support of the PV industry from Cell Research to Market Development.

In this way it is theoretically possible to achieve efficiencies of over 30%. The principle has been satisfactorily demonstrated. Bedair of the Research Triangle Institute, N. Carolina discussed' their work in multibandgap or cascade solar cells, in which increased conversion efficiencies are theoretically possible by stacking two or more cells of successivelydecreasing bandgap in optical series. Research Triangle are developing two systems that show promise. geV) for the tunne~ junction,high bandgap cell and window layer.

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