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7. , 1999). Fig. , 1999). The metallic ferromagnet CrO2 is considered as an important material widely used for its magnetic properties; it is one of the few TMOs both metallic and magnetic that belongs to the class of itinerant ferromagnets. , 1997). The Cr 2p spectra are characterized by a strong spin-orbit splitting into the 2p1=2 and 2p3=2 parts. The coupling increases with the atomic number of the TM from TiO2 through V oxides (7–8 eV) and the Cr oxides (nearly 10 eV) to a value of more 12 eV for Fe oxides.

Recently Peng et al. (1996) determined the equilibrium position of a single non-magnetic Fe atom adsorbed on the graphite surface by ab initio “full potential linearized augmented plane wave” (FLAPW) total energy calculation. They actually considered an extremely dilute Fe monolayer. The hollow site 1:6 A above the surface was found to be the stable position. 0 and 2:5 A (Fig. 7). In the atomic state, vanadium has, as in the preceding subsection (Section 4:2:1), a 3d 3 4s2 conÿguration. We shall take n = 3 in Fig.

1995), while Cr 2 O3 seems an intermediate compound. e. 7 eV) is of the same order of magnitude of U and . 7–1:8 eV) for CrX3 almost agree with the value (V ∼1:5 eV) earlier estimated with the spectroscopic model (Pollini, 1998) and that, besides, they are consistent with the values 44 I. Pollini et al. / Physics Reports 355 (2001) 1–72 Fig. 4. , 1987). of many early TMOs. Thus, although it is possible that Cr halides might have an intermediate character as some early TMOs, one can however see from Fig.

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