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DESIGN A NEW AIRCRAFT - Diseñar un Nuevo Avión - Part 8 - Aircraft manufacturing and industrialization - Fabricación e industrialización del avión de serie (Spanish Edition)

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Editor: Juan José Sánchez de Dios; 3 edition (March 26, 2012)


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In this section of the book, are included only part of a total set of 300 working sheets, which are compilations and summaries of some pages from about twenty workbooks of daily use. The work notes have been used and written -non continuously-, during 35 years of experience an dedication to Aircraft Structures, in Stress, Design, and other related areas. It is not a continuous work or made in appropriate order, but they represent some of the knowledge and practices to be developed during the work of an engineer in Aircraft Structural Design. The abstracts of the workbooks, were not created with the intention of been publicized, but due the interest aroused among some colleagues, are edited in a non-personal profit.

Computers have changed the design procedures and the use of information, but the basic concepts of engineering and materials have not changed during the time and they allow, without any doubt, a more consistent and successful decision making. Many of these concepts are included in this manual. They allow a real and practical approach to the foundations of engineering design. The chips include a wide variety of concepts such as: real airplane structural configurations, processes, techniques and manufacturing requirements, criteria for minimum cost and weight, common standard design practices and it must also be highlighted some important details of Concurrent Engineering processes, which are the main cause of success or failure in the design of a new aircraft project.

En este capítulo, se incluyen los siguientes conceptos:
This chapter includes the following:

8.1 Procesos y equipos especiales Special processes and equipment
8.1.1 Fibra de carbono. Procesos de compactación de capas Carbon fiber. Layer compaction processes
8.1.2 Procesos de fabricación en de partes curadas y preimpregnadas Manufacturing processes in F.C. Curing of pre-impregnated parts
8.1.3 Bases de fabricabilidad para el ala del avión C3000 Basis for manufacturability the C3000 wing
8.1.4 Forjados de precisión. Costes Precision forged parts. Costs
8.1.5 Estudios de cola del A3XX. Fabricación Tail studies for A3XX. Manufacturing concepts
8.1.6 Conformado por chorreado de paneles de ala Surface forming by shot peening of wing panels
8.1.7 Conformado superplástico y difusión del material metalico Superplastic forming and diffusion bonding of metal parts
8.1.8 Arall. Laminado frente a la fibra y el aluminio Sheets of Arall laminate against CFRP and aluminum
8.1.9 Autoclaves de grandes dimensiones Requirements for large autoclaves
8.1.10 Procesos de volteo de paneles en F.C. Panels processes for CFRP large components
8.1.11 Laminado y compactación de grandes paneles Rolling and compacting processes for panels
8.1.12 Máquinas de grandes dimensiones para el A3XX Large machines for A3XX application
8.2 Estudios comparativos de prefactibilidad Comparative feasibility studies
8.2.1 Estudios comparativos de aviones Airbus Comparative studies of Airbus aircraft
8.2.2 Comparativa de alas en escala por superficie de los aviones Airbus Comparison of wings surfaces of Airbus aircraft
8.2.3 Esquemas generales de propulsores Outlines for propellants
8.2.4 Estudio comparativo de la carga frente a la superficie alar Comparative study of wing load against wing surface
8.2.5 Aviones cargueros. Carga y dimensiones Cargo aircraft. Loading and dimensions
8.2.6 Secciones de carga del avión C17. Cortes Cutaway and loading section of C17 aircraft

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