Lee Sid The Homeless Hermit Crab Sid El Cangrejo Ermitano Sin Hogar Babl Children S Books In Spanish And English gratis

Sid the Homeless Hermit Crab: Sid, el Cangrejo Ermitaño sin hogar : Babl Children's Books in Spanish and English (Spanish Edition)

Formato: Paperback

Idioma: Spanish

Páginas: 30

Editor: Babl Books, Incorporated (November 27, 2015)

ISBN: 1683040023

Formato: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Tamaño: 9.2 MB

Descarga de formatos: PDF

Sid the Homeless Hermit Crab / Sid, el Cangrejo Ermitaño sin hogar
Babl Children's Books in Spanish and English

Poor Sid has outgrown his shell, so he sets off on an adventure to find a new home. However, instead of shells, he discovers that the ocean floor is covered in garbage! Sid tries on everything from a bottle, to a milk carton, to a tin can, but before he can make a decision, he comes across the strangest shell of all: someone’s foot! His worry soon turns to surprise when a hand comes down and begins to pick up the trash that is littering his ocean floor. Soon, he can see all the wonderful shells he’s used to, and goes about searching for the perfect one to call home!

As your children join Sid on his journey to find a new home, they will learn about the effects of pollution on the environment and how they can do their part to keep the ocean clean for the animals who call it home.


I liked it all the story, info on it and all the illustrations involved in Stacey sharing this unique sweet story! I thought she did a marvelous job and I would highly recommend this book for any child who is interested in nature, animals or may become surprised by seeing a hermit crab or so if their parent or guardian was to take them to a seashore where these crabs may be seen. - Goodreads

What a great story and educational book for kids! I highly recommend all parents that are interested in teaching their kids about why it's important to keep our oceans clean and unpolluted to buy this book!!! - Amazon Customer

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